1. I started this embroidery for my son last year but didn’t finish it in time for his 7th birthday.  The top photo shows how much I had done when I took a break from working on it.  I pulled it out again this year, seven weeks before his 8th birthday.  I worked my butt off (or, rather, my fingers) to finish it in time to have it stretched and framed, and was able to give it to him on the big day!  It measures about 12”x14”.  It is absolutely the most dense and detailed embroidery piece I have made to date.  For the first time ever, I kept a loose tally of the hours I was working on this piece, just out of curiosity.  By the end I was up to 95 hours.  It was an intense project.  I am so happy to have it done and hanging up.  It shares a wall with the Bone embroidery I made for my older son a couple of years ago.

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