1. Here is my last minute entry for the Jordan, Jesse, Go! February Challenge regarding going ape and conquering enemies in 2012.  I really wish I had had time to do an embroidery but it just wasn’t in the cards.  So hand-painted onesie for Jesse Thorn’s baby it is.

    I am a big fan of JJGo thanks to my husband, and a live show in Chicago where they opened for MBMBaM.  I’m especially a fan of Jesse Thorn because he single-handedly taught my husband how to dress like a handsome devil and I appreciate that very much indeed.  Also Make Your Thing is awesome, as I have previously discussed.  He is an all-around inspirational dude.

    I sent the onesie to LA today and if Jesse wants to he can put it on his baby.  I have no idea if he will, and if he doesn’t that is, of course, okay.  I have to say that I’m really curious about how a person like Jesse Thorn might dress a baby.  Does little baby Thorn wear onesies and rompers and cottony outfits with cheesy graphics like most American babies?  Does he wear, like, all organic cotton in solid earth tones like what I picture European babies to be wearing?  Or is he already in raw denim and bespoke baby suits?  I’ll probably never know but to ponder this amuses me greatly.

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    Well, this made my night.
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    My baby wears a lot of clothes that my mom buys on eBay and at garage and estate sales, and that I buy at thrift stores....