1. Well, I took about 4 really terrible pics, but it was truly a pleasure to listen to and meet @r0ssie_fmq today at Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. What a smart and thoughtful individual. Pair that with quilting and it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever. Thanks so much to Rossie for making the trip and to CMQG for such stellar programming. I’m going to buy Steal Like an Artist and start going well out of my way to credit everyone/thing that inspires my work from now on.

  2. Totally blissed out from a petting sesh.

  3. I’m all caught up on my tablecloth signatures right now!

  4. And here hangs the Bone embroidery I made for Simon a few years ago. I wonder when they will ask me to take all these things down so they can hang posters of bands or movies or whatever. So far they seem happy to leave me in charge of decorating. 😊

  5. This corner of the boys’ room makes me happy.

  6. Finished this baby quilt for an old friend.

  7. Sewing curves and trimming blocks all morning. Getting kind of excited about this one. If it turns out like I hope it will, maybe I will submit it to QuiltCon.

  8. Since the boys are gone this week I’m going to go ahead and commandeer the entire dining room as my sewing station.

  9. Bottle cap collection is getting an update today. Our board is almost full. Start another or call it good? That is the question…

  10. I don’t always wear black and white, but when I do it’s because I’m going to see Janelle Monae in concert for FREE at Taste of Chicago. Dragging my boys along with me. *photo credit: Simon