1. A bit more. That’s it for today.

  2. Fall wall hanging, in progress.

  3. misswendyd:

    Gorgeous Puffin in Bloom editions illustrated by Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Company! Beautiful artwork on those endpapers and cover, plus special bonus materials at the end of each book. Including, of course, a recipe for raspberry cordial.

    We’re giving away a complete set of four to one lucky person who completes our MG/YA classics challenge this year!

    Photographs by The Midnight Garden.


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  4. This is one quadrant of my big quilt, successfully pieced. This is the most careful I have ever been about lining things up and it is actually helping! There are lots of corners in here that are lining up perfectly! Of course there are a few that are not, but overall I’m going to go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for a job well done so far. Onward!

  5. Seeley Family portrait: complete. I’m planning to write up a tutorial for embroidered portraits, if these guys agree to let me use their photo. Think this portrait, in a frame, will sweeten the deal?

  6. I think this piece is done. Might add one more thing. This is the back! 😊

  7. jsarloutte:

    On my own, Autoportrait, embroidery, 2014.

    This woman’s work is amazing.  I am in love with these stitches. 

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  8. adventuresinblunderland:

    Well lookie here! Nadia’s ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’-esque pap smear rap video is up for an award! Please vote for it because it’s super important PLUS I am in it and you like me. And do please share!


  9. Hanging up at school. Three facts about Theo. Parents had to guess which paper belonged to their student. Not too hard. 😊

  10. Embroidery portraits are hard under the best circumstances but this time around my transfer didn’t come out very well. I am struggling to follow some very faint lines and guessing at some that are completely missing. Faces are always tricky, too. I think this little face is cute but I don’t know that it bears much of a resemblance to the subject. Ah, well. Creation, not perfection, that’s what I always say! Onward!