1. Making good progress on this embroidered table runner.

  2. Royksopp and R O B Y N at Pritzker Pavilion tonight. 10/10 would pay to see again. I love her about as much as I can possibly love a person I’ve never met. <3 <3 <3


  3. memoirsofachurro replied to your post “this summer* i…”

    Can I be your kid too? I want to be surrounded by great experiences and quilts and such a wonderful mom!!

    Aww, thanks!  That’s a sweet thing to say.  Believe me, I’m far from a perfect mom but I’m doing my best, and I’m grateful that I get to spend the summer with my boys. 


  4. this summer* i…

    -finished Theo’s Calvin and Hobbes embroidery in the nick of time

    -threw an awesome cat-themed party for Theo’s 8th birthday

    -had fun watching the C&H piece go viral for about a week


     -went tent camping for the first time as an adult

    - took trips to Michigan, Colorado, and Arizona

    -saw the Grand Canyon


    -read Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, felt super inspired to start trying some of his suggestions

    -started this website for myself


    -had a quilt hanging in the International Quilt Festival show

    -finished a mini quilt and a baby quilt

    -started a massive quilt for our bed

    -contacted 3 publishers about possibly getting said massive quilt in their magazine (still hoping to find the right fit)

    -caught up on stitching signatures onto my tablecloth


    -socialized with my guild ladies in and out of meetings

    -successfully registered for QuiltCon

    -met Rossie, whose quilts and writing I love and respect the hell out of

    -spent as much time as possible with neighborhood friends

    -took kids to the planetarium, the Mexican art museum, a Janelle Monae concert, and more


    *summer here is defined as my kids’ summer break from school

    Overall this summer has been pretty good.  I wish I had lost weight.  I wish I had engaged more with the boys some days, instead of focusing on my own projects and letting them watch so much tv.  It’s been hard not to compare it to last summer, which was over the top awesome.  But as I look at this list I feel like we did a lot, and I did a lot to further my own goals, which feels good.  I think the boys had fun.  Now I can’t wait for school to start so I can really dig in to some quilts.  I hope the boys have a great school year with great teachers and classmates and experiences.  But, yeah.  Let’s get this school year started.  I’m ready.

  5. I am dying DYING to dig in to this quilt but I feel like I need to wait til school starts so I can devote a few hours’ concentration to my next steps. In the meantime I will settle for cutting fabric. When I finally get the time I will be able to fly. Can not wait.

  6. Exciting mail from @artifactuprising today. Caught up on making books from all my Instagram photos of the last two years. I used to print photos the traditional way, label them all by hand, and put them in albums. Then I realized all my favorite pictures are in my IG feed anyway, so it made more sense just to print this way. The process is super easy via Artifact Uprising. They lift the photos right from your IG feed, like magic. The printing quality is great, though I have noticed I like the non filtered look better, so I am trying to use filters only when necessary for that reason. No, they aren’t paying me for this post. On the contrary, I paid them quite a bit for these 15 books. 😉

  7. I made a new website! laurahartrich.com! Still needs some work but all the major pieces are in place. 👏🎉😊

  8. Boys sharing a chair at the library; boys sharing a window sill at home.

  9. http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/david-rees-party-hole.png


    Making My Life Better By Binge Watching: Going Deep with David Rees

    File under: Fun facts see also: genuine enthusiasm for science

    There’s pretty much nothing I don’t love about this show. John Hodgman had been talking it up for weeks, but out of laziness I didn’t go out of my way to watch it until tonight. I put it on intending to watch one episode and I ended up binge watching the whole season so far.

    Here’s a list of things I love about Going Deep…

    • David Rees. This show wouldn’t work without him and his sincere excitement about what he’s learning. 
    • The love for the unsung experts of everyday stuff.
    • The everyday science facts. It perfectly feeds my love of annoying people with fun facts.
    • The filming and editing style. It’s snappy and fun and full of silly little details.
    • Seeing the “seams” of the show. I absolutely love that they use the blooper style moments and often show/involve the crew. It’s a spot on choice for a how to style show.
    • The Wes Andersonesque title cards that introduce the experts.
    • The on-the-spot songs (someone get David Rees & Elliott Kalan together in an impromptu musical)
    • The humor. I laugh out loud at least 3 times per episode.
    • The high fives! So many high fives.

    Do yourself a favor and watch this show.

    All of the above is true for me and for my family too.  I am watching with my husband and my boys, ages 11 and 8.  We are all completely nutty for this show.  Lots of LAUGHS and lots of FACTS.  Best combo.

  10. My huge DP quilt is still in progress but I underestimated how much fabric I needed so I’m waiting for more to arrive. Meanwhile, I NEED to sew something. Perfect time to start making hexies out of my Waterfront Park charm pack. They are big and awesome.