1. We did it. Can I have my sewing machine back now? ;)

  2. Working hard on a little stuffed creature! A first for both of us.

  3. This kid has been asking to learn to sew. He stayed home sick today so I thought we would go ahead and do our first lesson. He’s very excited to have sewn these two scraps together. What’s next? Any suggestions for kid-friendly sewing projects?

  4. I’ve been trying different methods of making drunkards path blocks. The lower right block features fabrics that will be used in the actual quilt. However, I’m going to switch back to the construction method of the bottom left. It’s more time consuming and wastes a lot of fabric, sadly, but it makes a truer circle. So that’s that. I know you were wondering.

  5. #tbt The hair, the glasses, the sleeves. Oh my.

  6. At the park, waiting for the boys to get tired of playing on this gorgeous afternoon (it’s been two hours and I don’t think they’re anywhere close to done). I love my new scarf with this chunky stitching.

  7. Finished and submitted.  This is my entry for a challenge Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is hosting in partnership with the International Quilt Festival.  The theme for the challenge was “Modern in the City.”  Submissions that are accepted for the show will be on display in at the International Quilt Festival in June.  This is my first festival submission; I would be excited to be a part of the show.

  8. Last minute guild challenge entry! Go go go!

  9. On the rare occasion that I succeed in completely clearing off the table before dinner (we usually have at least one pile of junk that we push to the end while we eat), I reward myself by lighting candles. Even if we’re just eating pancakes.

  10. My spring wall hanging is done! This is a mix of slice and insert piecing and appliqué. I can’t wait to hang it up when spring comes… We’re almost there.